Mixtapes, zines, band T-shirts, walls covered in magazine tears—young, creative people have always expressed themselves by sharing the things they love. Sweet turns that passion into a unique shopping experience. Each weekday, we highlight must-have market picks from one of our key pillars (beauty, style, home). Our weekend franchise, 10 Sweet Things, features an influential celebrity telling us about the products they can’t live without.



Like generation-defining media brands that have come before it, Sweet speaks to a readership that wants something more than what mainstream media has to offer. Our interactive editions champion up-and-coming talent and bold ideas, and our small team of editors and designers package them with accessibility as a top priority. As Snapchat’s first-ever Discover brand, our goal is to create a club that Snapchat users feel belongs to them, and to constantly create the most boundary-pushing design and editorial on the platform.



For our brand’s two-year anniversary, we launched the first annual Sweet Snapchat Awards. Shot completely on an iPhone, the Awards Edition opened with fun tips and product recommendations to help readers make their most creative and experimental Snapchat Stories. We then highlighted the best and most innovative Snapchat accounts to inspire our readers.


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Step No. 3: Have fun ;)